Thursday, December 17, 2009

Creating a Spirit of Giving


  1. Becky,
    Thanks for reminding me that it is never too soon to start encouraging our granddaughter to give. As adults, we automatically give when we see a Salvation Army kettle or when we receive a request in the mail for a local shelter, for both people and animals. Because of your blog, I think it's time that we begin "creating a spirit of giving" at our house.

  2. Being a cheerful giver is one life's greatest gifts; for those who receive but also for those who give.

    Thanks for a post that reminds us that the need is year-round, not just during the holidays.

  3. Becky,

    What an amazing lesson and insight about "giving." Like you, I'm curious why some people give and some don't. It basically starts at childhood when kids are taught the value of giving. If a child grows up in a home where giving is practiced, then most likely they will continue to give as an adult. However, some kids live in an environment of wanting, demanding, and receiving. It's up their parents to set an example and teach their child about those who are less fortunate -- to instill compassion.

    Great post and I hope people use some of your ideas to change the world.

    Check out my Santa Cause idea at It's my twist to a Christmas tradition that can teach children about "Get one. Give one"