Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Not Your Grandpa's Association: Turnaround Requires Vision, Change, Help

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  1. Change is the only constant.

    A dear friend told me many years ago that every 5 to 6 years we should re-invent ourselves. Look at our lives, our passions and where we are at in our careers and ask “what next, now what?”

    I once worked at a company that the senior staff had been hand picked for the founder by the founder. Each person reduced a flaw in the owner, or gave strength where they had weakness. In time this “iron glove” team as I lovingly called it really had one purpose to fit this one person and make the organization work. When this person sold the business and left the team lost its purpose and struggled to regain a direction, a purpose and place.

    This is a very hard thing. It is like going to a mirror and looking at oneself – not for a second but for 10 minutes. It is almost impossible to do (beyond vain, beyond weird it is just plain uncomfortable). This is true with organizations including associations.

    Ignoring change doesn’t make it go away. Neither does hiding, fighting or talking it away. Address it and move forward. Anything living that stops moving dies.

    Keep moving!